Di Koenders is one of Australia's leading wildlife artists ‐ specializing in the unique birds and animals which abound in her beloved Australia. Her home and studio on a historic country property in the magnificent rolling hills of the Strzelecki Ranges in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, plays host to many varied and fascinating species ‐ which Di often features in her lifelike paintings. From tiny blue wrens, to our Australian icon ‐ the Kookaburra, to brightly-coloured glowing rosellas ‐ all come to life beneath the artist's brush. Each feather is lovingly portrayed in intricate detail and eyes sparkle as they peer at you from her canvas!

She was born in the beautiful hills of the Cotswolds in England in 1946 and Di's love of art and nature resulted in countless hours spent throughout her early life ‐ painting and drawing, winning prizes from the Gould League of Bird Lovers. A trip to Europe in the 1960's painting, and touring the major Galleries, further inspired Di's love of art.

She later successfully exhibited in England and Europe, with paintings chosen for exhibition in an International Wildlife Art Museum, becoming the only Australian artist represented in the collection

Throughout her career as a professional artist, which spans over 40 years, her paintings have been procured by many leading dignitaries around the world. Di's works can be found in the private collections of ‐ The Royal Household of the Sultan of Brunei, Mr. John Howard (the Prime Minister of Australia) and Mrs. Janette Howard, and many other noted private collections and corporate buyers around the globe. She has received hundreds of illustrious awards and accolades and has judged Art Exhibitions, as well as been a Feature Artist at major Art Shows all over Australia. Private commissions for animal portraiture by leading international breeders and judges have been highly sought after and this has given her a vast experience of all forms of animal and bird life.

Recent revelations that she is related to the great Dutch Master Artist ‐ Vincent van Gogh has only increased her popularity and added a new provenance and extra value to her paintings. Sell-out exhibitions both here and overseas has seen her work in high demand and recently a beautiful, leather-bound book has been published on her art and poetry. Her love of animals and birds has now led to obtaining a Wildlife Shelter Permit and as a member of the 'Wildlife Care Network' she helps to rear orphaned or injured animals or birds ‐ so that she can "give back" some of the joy she receives from them. Di's passion for art, as well as wildlife has been a constant source of inspiration to her and her fervent goal is to increase awareness of the world's wonderful creatures, to that many future generations can enjoy their beauty. Her never-ending quest is to portray the animals and birds of our earth as realistically as she can, for, in Di's words on reflecting how wonderful these creatures are - 'You can't improve on nature'!

A book has been compiled of her work and is available at Mayfield Gallery or through her website. This is the most comprehensive collection of Di's work to date.

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